She was healed by God’s touch!


Early in the morning, Pam Hancock, woke up to go to church as she always had. Except this morning she didn’t feel well at all.  Her left arm and shoulder were so stiff she couldn’t move them. Knowing that God is a healer, she knew she just had to press into the presence of God and get to church.

That’s exactly what another woman in the bible did who was hemorrhaging continuously. Doctors gave up on her and couldn’t help. She heard about Jesus and all the wonderful things He did for people. She thought to herself, “If I can just touch the hem of his garment I will be healed.” In that painful state, the bible says she pressed in to touch Jesus and instantly was healed. It’s amazing because many were touching Jesus at the same time too. Why was this touch so different? Why did this touch make Jesus stop and ask, ”Who touched me?

Jesus gives us the answer when He looked at the woman and said, “Your faith has made you whole.” In other words, this wasn’t just a normal touch. This was a touch of faith. That touch activated God’s  power and she received her healing.

I love it how Jesus uses the word “whole” instead of healed. Whole means complete restoration…nothing missing – nothing broken. Jesus knew this woman needed everything restored to her not just her health. In that day, someone with this condition was considered an outcast. Because doctors couldn’t help, her reputation was shot. To make matters worse, she spent all of her money looking for a cure. Think about it. She risked it all to press into Jesus. And in one moment…Jesus restored all of it! Her faith made her whole. And your faith will make you whole too!

Pam came to church the same way that day. Her body was telling her to stay home. The pain was screaming not to go to church. But her faith was saying “get to church and receive your healing!”  When she got to church, the prayer team prayed for her and bam…she received an instant healing!  The pain disappeared. She was able to move her arm and shoulder freely. What a wonderful Jesus we serve.

What is it that’s ailing you? Why not press into God the same way and walk in the wholeness He has promised? Friends, don’t let anything keep you from pressing into the presence of God. Receive your healing in Jesus name!