Small Groups Testimony

We believe that  care, growth, relationships and discipleship all happen in small groups. This testimony proves just that.

On Monday Sept 9th in our Small Group one of our ladies, stated she had wanted to get out of selling her home (that already signed a purchase agreement).

After she had put the house on the market and sold it within a week, as she was packing and looking at senior apartments, realized that she had sold the house in fear. She had lost her husband less than a year ago and many people were telling her she should sell her house because she would not be able to maintain it alone.  She had already contacted the real estate agent and told them she wanted to back away from the deal. Of course they told her they would get back to her.  We prayed with her that she had the favor of God and she would be able to get out of the purchase agreement and real estate contract without any penalties.
She came to small group this week with a testimony that she now had her home back without any penalties. They just took it off the market.  Our God is so faithful.  Being fairly new at Life Christian she is amazed at all of the testimonies and miracles that she sees, what a faith builder.”