TESTIMONY: Over and Above What You Could Ask or Imagine

While returning from vacation in January, a family from our congregation was left stranded in Florida when the airline they were flying on had a computer system malfunction. They were forced to rent a vehicle so they could get back to Michigan in time for work the next day. The total cost of the vehicle was a little over $700 plus gas. Prior to leaving Flordia, the airline promised to reimburse their airfare and the cost of the vehicle rental. They called the airline upon returning to Michigan and spoke with a representative about the promised reimbursement. The airline representative agreed to cover part of the rental, the cost of gas, and gave them $800.00 in gift cards. Feeling so overjoyed and appreciative they began to cry. The representative then said, “I’m sure you had to eat on the way home, so I’m giving you $100.00 for your food expenses.” Now you would think it ends there, but God is over and above what you could ask or imagine. The family received an email from the airline issuing an additional $800.00 in airfare vouchers.