TESTIMONY: Overcoming Through Christ

TESTIMONY: For many years fear had paralyzed and kept a member of our congregation from living a full life. Through Christ, she had overcome many of her fears except for one.

For over 15 years she had a gripping fear of going on the expressway. Then, a couple weeks ago she was running late for church. Not wanting to miss praise and worship, she knew the only way to ensure getting to church on time would be to take the expressway. As she approached the entrance ramp she began to feel fear and panic coming over her. Instead of allowing it to settle in her, she began to hear and focus on Pastor Sarah’s voice saying “just do it afraid.” Knowing God would never leave or forsake her, she started to praise and worship Jesus and drove all the way to Chuch on the expressway. After more than 15 years, she is now completely free from all her fears.

We serve an amazing God!

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